V-Guard Inverter 1050 VA

Rs 4800

BV : 480

Code : 1050

- High inrush load handling - Battery water topping reminder - Single battery design - Normal/high voltage modes for different out put voltage performances - Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sinewave output - Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protections - Use UPS/Normal modes easily from front switch - No need to put hand behind the inverter as in other products - Less energy consumption in a year as compared to any other brand - Normal/high output voltage models - Battery gravity builder - 32 bit DSC Based design - High load handling capacity with in the mentioned capacity - Selectable charging mode for different battery technologies (Flat/Tubular battery) and capacities (BO to 230 Ah) using selector switch - Intelligent Fuzzy Logic Battery water topping reminder for water topping to avoid battery failures - 10-15% higher back up than any other competitor brands

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